The real fact is that Yoga’s ancient tradition is truly priceless.

We have come to understand from earlier teachings that Yoga was born in the woods and was developed by pure observation in nature’s laws, the animals and the balance between man and the 5 elements. Now after many research and numerous applications, we know the physical benefits that Yoga brings to human’s organism that is why in this century we use it as a tool for our health improvement. We also know that being in nature has a positive effect in our psychology. Yoga’s goal is to balance the body – mind connection and this can be achieved through practice.

But what could increase these positive effects even more?
If we make that question to experienced practitioners or Yoga teachers, they will know the answer: practicing in nature is the most effective way that not only helps us to deepen our practice, but more so helps us to reunite with nature and furthermore to our relationship with the Divine.

What does yoga practice in nature offer?
It brings us into a whole other dimension.
We are designed to function in the most optimal way only when we are in our natural environment. Being in nature forces us to become aware and develop our senses : the scent of nature, the observation of the sea, the view of the endless sky, the colors of the trees, the sound of the birds, the feeling of the wind in our skin, these experiences have a relaxing effect on our nervous system. The power of natural surroundings is ‘alive and present’ and offers us inspiration. Nature calls us to experience ourselves more in depth and to practice ‘feeling one with our true nature’. Therefore when we take our Yoga asana sequence outdoors, we have a deeper experience of our practice.

More specifically what we gain:

  • By conscious breathing we bring pure oxygen directly to the lungs, heart and brain function.
  • Using the breathing techniques in nature we release toxins, tension, negative feelings while increasing our cell’s life.
  • We develop environmental consciousness. We create an interdependent relationship of love and care with nature, which continues lifelong.
  • We create a new experience, changing our old patterns.
  • We sharpen the practice concentration.
  • We increase the sense of proprioception (the feeling of positioning the body in space).
  • We profoundly train ourselves in balance, because the ground forces us to make the right effort.
  • We learn to be at ease. The mind quiets easily so we can cultivate inner peace.
  • We open a relationship with spirituality that means we connect to our true self.
  • We learn to adjust and we grow feelings of happiness by going out of the box.
  • We take our practice to the next level.
  • We feel and live in harmony with the environment.


Simple precautions for all
There is one important thing we should take care off: avoid practicing during the hot hours and avoid practicing directly under the sun.
Always use sun protection, maybe use some insect-off cream.
Due to uneven ground, stones etc. be careful not to injure yourself.
We always use our mat and are mindful of our trash. A true yogi always leaves the place in a better condition than he found it.
So, let’s create more opportunities to practice in nature, knowing that perfection in practice is achieved when we are not affected by the external conditions!

Yanna Papa
yoga instructor

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