Do you want to join us?

We do!


Yoga Suntree is interested in the creation of a cooperation spirit amongst yoga teachers in many levels. We are asking you to join this effort, by becoming our partner!

A strong team composed by experienced yoga instructors, publicist, technical support, is allready formed! Yoga means Union! If you believe in her power, and you want to inspire more people to start practicing, yoga retreats are the best way to do it. We believe in the power of the team; the more we become the more we will be able to do. Our dream is a big group with separate responsibilities, that will work for the common cause. Participate in the organization of events, gain big discounts for you and your students, help us spread the spirit of yoga as much as possible!

Who can become a partner? 

We are looking for persons with fresh minds and ideas, that conform with our mentality. You may be a yoga instructor, someone with experience in the field of tourism or technology, or a good author. If you are willing to contribute in our effort, we want you in our team!

To express your interest or get more information, feel free to contact us.