Until today, no one has ever managed to measure the power of Love. We all feel it nevertheless.

There is a perfect example with gravity: Only by the year 1687 did Isaac Newton formulate the law of universal gravitation. Before that year did we fly? Of course not! Gravity existed the whole time. After putting the law in a mathematical equation, great progress occurred. We even managed to put satellites in orbit around the earth!

What was the process?


Observation and awareness of the phenomenon

Experiments and calculations

Data’s conversion to a mathematical equation

Love, in the same way, is a powerful force, hidden in common view, which simply is not yet calculated. I am sure that when this happens, the course of the history of mankind will change. We will try through observation to study the relationship between Love and other values.

In this article, we’ll start with the relationship Love – Time

It would be necessary to define, what we mean when we say Love (capital L)

Love is the energy that unites and creates. (Do you like this definition??? I did, when I first heard it. It felt like my quest is on the right direction.) So you will allow me to use the capital L, so we can distinguish this definition from the word “love” we use so often, meaning so many irrelative things… (I love you= I like you, I love you= you belong to me, I love you= I am afraid to be alone, I love = I feel pleasure atc.)

Let’s see what’s happening to Time when there is Love, and what happens when there is lack of it.

Surely you’ve heard the phrase about the relativity of time: Time passes so quickly when you have a beautiful woman in your arms, but painfully slowly when you are in distress!

So, here’s what happens:

  1. When I Love something/someone, I want to dedicate Time to it/him
    The more we Love it/him, the more we feel drawn to it, regardless if it’s about an activity, or an animal or a person, results are the same.
  2. When I Love something/someone and don’t dedicate Time to it/him, I am miserable
    The reasons we do not dedicate Time are:
    – we are not allowed by circumstances, our work, our surrounding
    – we do not admit we Love it/him, due to social beliefs
    – we are unable to recognize Love, because we have a false idea about what Love is… Here is a new question: what do I Love (or think that I Love) and why… This question opens a whole new chapter concerning our self-knowledge, that we will discuss in another article.
  3. When I Love what I am doing, Time shrinks
    (or if you prefer: I don’t realize it passes, it looks like it passes quickly, sometimes it doesn’t even exist )
  4. When I don’t Love what I am doing, Time expands
    (or if you like it better, it doesn’t pass at all)
  5. When someone we Love, does not dedicate his Time to us (while we’d love to), we consider it as lack of Love
  6. The Love you give, you get it back ten times bigger, on Time inversely proportional to your degree of consciousness (let me see you putting that in a mathematical equation…!)

Having the gift of Time is equal to having the gift of Love. We are responsible for Time’s and Love’s appropriate management. Let’s have in mind every day, to spend our Time creatively, creating Love. Bottom line:

Time is Love! (not money or other such nonsense!)


The Love you get back is the Love you give, ten times bigger, on Time inversely proportional to your consciousness’s degree !!! I wanted to play, and try to formulate the first mathematical equation, based on this particular phrase. During my brainstorm, it hit me! Love has no size!!! Either it exists or not! Either 0 or 1!!!!
So, let’s suppose that @ is the symbol for Love and ^ the symbol for consciousness’s degree. Et voila:

10 x @=@ x dt / ^

Today I had the pleasure to attend Mr. Danezi’s lecture. Of course, I seized the opportunity and asked him, if he thinks that there is absence of important parameters, in modern equations. Parameters such as Feelings, Fear, Love that would change the outcome of the equation’s result. Parameters that would help us measure beyond time-space-matter.
Allow me to add at this point his answer, by which he enlightened me a little:
“Mathematical equations are human creations. Creations that are meant to make humans feel safe. When we’ll come to the point to not needing laws, then we’ll be on the right track. Love needs no measurement. Stop being scared. Start respecting!!!”

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