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They talked about us:

Bethan C.

Dear Katerina and Yanna, thank you both so much for bringing us all here together in Santorini. It’s been so much more than a yoga retreat. This beautiful place and company of this wonderful group has been so good for my soul. I’ve loved our yoga practise with nature – on the beach at sunset, at sunset overlooking Oia, opening my eyes from a wonderful gong bath to the sky full of stars. Simon + Donna, you are the most incredible couple, it’s been such a pleasure to be with you. Athena, lovely to chat with you + listen to your wisdom. Kathryn + Lora, my fellow naughty ladies. I have loved laughing with you + having such fun together.
A week I’ll never forget!

Donatella S.

Dear Katerina & Yanna, you are like to angels guiding and inspiring into the yoga practice. The gentle way of Yanna and the more energetic way of Katerina were well compensating and balanced. I’m grateful for the moment you gave to both of us and hope you could trigger the discipline of practicing in Simon.
Wish you further retreats and nice peaceful moments.

Lora K.

Thank you Katerina and Yana for creating such an amazing opportunity for us all. Your patience and guidance has been inspiration. I have grown & become far more focused & decisive in all things, but with a compassion and kindness. Travelling with Athena has been a journey for we did not know each other at all prior to this. We are family and I am grateful for that. I wish her weel always. Simon & Donna – amazing people and couple which gives me hope and joy when I see them together; the love which shines between them is beautiful! Kathryn and Bethan part of a beautiful trio I feel all I can say is love you girls! Amazing fun time. Seize the moment, live for joy, laughter and kindness, show compassion and support without judgement and keep moving forward.

Chaido Rizou

I participated last summer at a yoga retreat in Greece organised by yogayamas team. The location (second peninsula of Chalkidiki) was very attractive and the hotel just across the sea and of very good standard. The staff of the hotel were very polite and generous. Yoga teachers (Katerina Patmazoglou and Chysa Kaimaksi) were excellent and the whole atrmoshere was very friendly..
I wish I could join Yoga Yamas’s team this year as well.

Anastasia Milioreli

Her peaceful mind offers spiritual experiences that your body meet for first time! A yoga instructor who will surely change your outlook on life and future prospects!! Katerina Patmazoglou, I’m blessed to have met you and Yoga Yamas!!!

Evangelia Andoniou

What can I say for my lovely Yoga teacher Katerina Patmazoglou! I am very happy i met such a spirited and interesting person. She can help you find and learn your body at the practice! She is very very conscious and contagious on what she does!!!
Trust her for a unique yoga experience!


Elpida Tokalaki

Yoga with Katerina Patmazoglou is my new experience in life a new trip to mind and body! She is a unique Yoga instructor! Thank you Katerina for being in my life and giving me so much bliss every time.



Sonja Ristovska

Being totally satisfied and happy of the professionalism and forethought on the yoga practice, I would highly recommend Yoga Yamas and its retreats!


Konstantina Drosopoulou

A year ago I saw a leaflet about yoga lessons. I contacted with Katerina Patmazoglou and here I am…!! It’ s almost a year that I participate twice a week in yoga lessons. I feel great with my body, and the main reason that attracted me to continue with the lessons was Katerina’s care for each one of us. Another positive reason was that our teacher did not force us to ever exceed our limits. She tought us to listen and respect our body.
Katerina thank you for everything!


Sofie Atzemi

A photographer gets people to pose for him. A yoga instructor gets people to pose for themselves. Now is the time to practice Yoga the way Katerina Patmazoglou suggests: With each inhale lift your heart closer to the sun. With each exhale root your heels more deeply in the ground!!! The quintessence of balance!!!



Nikolaos Papoulidis

Katerina Patmazoglou is an excellent yoga instructor who leads you to discover your inner self through a dynamic practice, paying extra care to protect us from injures and complications. I look forward for a new experience and will take part again to Amorgos retreat.